Stove - Oven - Cooktop - Rangehood Installations

When buying a new appliance such as an oven, stove, cook top or rangehood there’s another consideration which is getting them installed.

Most appliances are big, bulky and hard to move around. Some appliance, like electric and gas stoves, can't be removed until you disconnect the electricity or gas lines. Disconnecting gas lines can be dangerous and disconnecting electricity can be deadly if not done properly.

So Stove Doctor has made that difficult job easy for you.  We will install your oven, cooktop, rangehood and stove. We’ll take away your old appliance if you like and dispose of it thoughtfully.

And if your new appliance doesn’t fit, we can arrange alterations as well.

We’ll even source your new appliance, so there’s absolutely no need for you to delay replacing your worn out appliances any longer.

Talk to a friendly Stove Doctor customer service member today.  Installing your new appliance is just so easy!

To find out more please contact Stove Doctor on 1300 567 637.




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