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Our team is coming up with some great terms & conditions and will have an online update very soon. Please call 02 9621 5440 for more info.

Stove Doctor Repair Terms & Conditions

1. All booking times are for a 2 or 3 hour period and are the arrival time of the technician and not the time in which the repair will be completed. E.g. 8-11am booking.

2. Please ensure there is an adult present at your property for the entire scheduled booking time. Please note that our technicians are not able to wait for someone to arrive. They are instructed to move on to the next booking if there is no one home. If we attend as requested the service call charge has been incurred, whether there is someone home or not.

3. The technician will endeavour to contact you on approach.

4. If the technician is running late they will endeavour to notify you as soon as possible. Please note that we will do everything we can to have the technician arrive on time, but due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic or delays or delays on previous jobs we cannot guarantee this. No compensation, discounts or refunds will be paid due to late arrival.

5. Please ensure that no part of the appliance is used up to 2 hours prior to the booking time. If the technician cannot work on your appliances due to it being used, you will be charged the service call plus labour and the repair will have to be re scheduled.

6. Please keep all children away from the area in which the technician is working. Please remember they are working with sharp and dangerous tools, electricity and gas which can be extremely dangerous. Safety is our number one priority.

7. Please ensure that the area around the appliance is cleared of all items, and in cases of installations the cupboards immediately surrounding the area.

8. Please ensure all pets are secured as we do not accept responsibility for any pet’s injuries and/or escaping from your property.

9. We charge from a fixed price catalogue. If the item does not fall into this category the following charges will apply. A service call out fee of $88.00 Inc GST and labour thereafter is charged at $15.00 per 10 minute block plus parts required if any.

10. If the required parts are not in stock we will arrange to obtain the parts from our suppliers. As soon as the parts are available our office will contact you to arrange a new appointment date to complete the repair. It should be noted that unfortunately there are a handful of manufacturers and models whose parts are not readily available and in some cases these may have to be obtained from overseas which will result in a delay in completing the repair. 

11. If parts are no longer available (NLA) to be purchased, you will be informed and we will provide you with a competitive replacement quote. Please note that all charges incurred to date are still due and no refund will be given under these circumstances.

12. Please note that  if you have requested that we order a specific part we will need full payment before ordering it in. If the part cannot be used for the repair for any reason you are still liable for this part in full and under no refunds will be issued under any circumstances.

13. No parts will be ordered by the office until all charges incurred up to date have been paid for in full to the technician before they leave.

14. Please remember that once parts are ordered ETA’s given are estimates only that we have received from our suppliers. We unfortunately cannot control this but we will endeavour to get the parts in as quickly as possible.

15. If we order in a part specifically for your repair and then you cancel, you will be liable to pay for the part in full.

16. The service call out fee will only be charged for the first visit.

17. Free quotes are only estimates given over the phone. We do not offer free onsite quotes. If we attend to you property, whether or not work is carried out, the service call plus labour charges apply.

18. All appointments are confirmed at the time of booking, with all work warranted for 12 months (excluding globes, fuses, seals, hinges and glass)

19. A breakdown at some future time may be due to another fault, although the symptoms maybe the same. The Technician will be able to determine if this is the case. Where we have been called back to an unconnected fault to the previous our standard charges will apply including a new service call fee.

20. Whilst every care will be taken when moving your appliance we cannot be held responsible for damage to property including but not limited to flooring or floor coverings, cupboards, walls, doors etc.

21. All pipes and connections are checked at the time of our visit but we cannot be held responsible for leaks that occur at a later date.

22. We are not responsible for the loss of food items, frozen or otherwise.

23. Please be aware of where items such as your switch board, gas valves are located to assist us in completing your repair as quickly as possible. If a job cannot be completed due to inaccessible meters / valves / circuit breakers / fuses etc., standard service call and labour charges will still apply.

24. This guarantee is applicable to the name and address as stated on the invoice and is non-transferable.

25. All parts remain the property of Stove Doctor Australia until the invoice is paid in full and we may remove parts if the invoice remains unpaid.

26. All of our work is COD and we have portable EFTPOS terminals allowing for all forms of payment to be accepted**

27. Any broken appointment will still incur the call out charge of $88.00 Inc GST unless the office has been sufficiently notified by 3pm the previous business day. The office must be made aware of the cancellation, via phone on (02) 9621 5440 and within Stove Doctor Australia’s business hours which are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

28. Interest will be charged at a rate of 10% per month calculated daily on all overdue accounts.

29. If payment is not received after 90 days, Stove Doctor Australia reserves the right to list the debt with a credit reporting agency.


30. Only the accounts department can complete a refund. This can take up to 28 Days. It must be approved by management and can only be refunded via Direct Deposit into your nominated bank account.

31. We cannot refund money in any other way, including Cheque, Cash, or Credit Card.

32. Please do not ask the technician to issue a refund as they are not able to. All refund enquires should be directed to head office via email at accounts@stovedoc.com.au or (02) 9621-5440.

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